Graham Lawler, recognised universally as one of today's up and coming image-makers, is best known for his evocative color photography. In the finest documentary tradition, Lawler captures the essence of what he see's in front of him. 

Born in Dulwich (London UK), Lawler started his passion for photography at the young age of 12. After learning photography at St Joseph's he left to work in various Professional camera stores in London to gain even further knowledge. He has travelled the world and ended up in Australia where he resides to this day. 
In the last few years he is the recipient of numerous awards, and accolades including shutterbug award for best Black and White Photograph, awarded best landscape photograph for where is maps. This was the same year in which he was mentioned as an up and coming photographer on Nikon USA website. 
Lawler also became a Formula 1 Grand Prix National Media Photographer in Australia for 9 years running, Also a sponsored photographer for FujiFilm using their x100 for photo journalism for 2012/13, he also has been awarded as a featured photographic artist and sponsored photographer for Formatt Hitech Professional filters (UK)


2016 Formula 1 - National Media Australia 
2015 Formula 1 - National Media Australia 
2014 Formula 1 - National Media Australia 
2013 Formula 1 - National Media Australia 
2012 Formula 1 - National Media Australia 

2011 Formula 1 - National Media Australia 

2010 Formula 1 - National Media Australia 

2009 Formula 1 - National Media Australia 

 2008 Formula 1 - National Media Australia  
Estasi Design - Commercial Fashion 
Estasi Design - Advertising Campaigns, - Portrait Photography 
FujiFilm - Australian Sponsored Photographer 
Formatt Hitech (UK) - Sponsored Photographer 
Motorsport in Detail - Professional Photographer


2011 Shutterbug Award - Best Black & White Photo 
2012 Eureka Towers - Look of Melbourne 
2013 Where is Maps - Best Landscape Photograph



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